what can Adobe AIR Applications do

The Adobe AIR applications you develop can
  • Access files and directories on the user's computer
  • Integrate a client-side database
  • Securely store data in an encrypted format
  • Contain custom windows and menus
  • Interact with network resources, like Websites and servers
  • Tap into the computers's clipboard, supporting cut, copy, paste, plus drag in and out functionality
  • Play sounds and videos
  • Display PDFs
In short, an application written in AIR can do pretty much anything you can think of!

IF you still need convincing, consider that the tools required for freating and running AIR applications are free and supported by an excellent company, Adobe. If the way in which the Adobe handled the invention, promotion, and distribution of the Portable Document Format(PDF) is any gauge, the future looks bright for Adobe AIR.

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June 11, 2008 at 6:11 AM

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