How To Automatically Reply To Email in ThunderBird

Thunderbird 2 added the exciting feature to automatically respond to messages (yeah, I can hear Microsoft Outlook folks shaking their heads in irritation, we had it for years in MS Outlook) with an email template. Let’s see how we can set it up.

1. First you need to write a normal email message with a subject. However instead of sending it to anyone, save it as a template by going to File -> Save As -> Template.

2. Now go to Tools -> Message Filters and click on New to create you own filter.

3. Create the filter by specifying one or more criteria. For example I just created for filter for all support emails. To do that I specified that To contains support@tarag…

4. Now you need to create one or more actions for it. To automatically send a reply you should choose Reply with Template and then select the template you have created earlier.

5. Give your filter a name.

6. Now click OK to create the filter.

You are done. Now any email which matches the filter criteria will be automatically sent a response with your specified template.

Do you have any such tips to share? Please post them in the comments below.