Mac OS X Leopard Features

I came across Leopard's new features at Apple's Web site, I thought I'd talk about my experience a little bit.
  • One of the big areas of improvement are the visuals, like the 3D Dock and transparent menu bar.
  • Time Machine has gotten a lot of press and is one of the things that I appreciate most about Leopard. This is a backup utility that's really smart and mindless to use. It automatically backs up your entire hard drive to an external disk, even over a network. I like the fact that it automatically keeps hourly backups for the past day, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups as long as space allows. I was pretty good about backing up regularly using Backup (Apple's program) but this is easier and certainly better. It could be a little more configurable but maybe keeping options to a minimum is what makes it so easy for anyone.
  • Spaces is another big, cool feature. It creates multiple desktops, so you can have applications and windows that only appear in a certain "space". Maybe one for work, one for personal stuff, etc. I used it a while, then stopped. I will probably use it again when I get the time to really master it.
  • Some people hate the new Stacks feature, some people like it. It's just a different way for folders in the Dock to appear when you click on them. I think they're really nice, personally.
  • The Finder windows have built-in searches on the left side, which is useful, although I rarely remember to use them.
  • QuickLook feature is excellent, particularly when it comes to email attachments. I'm not really using the changes in Mail, Safari (I primarily use Firefox), and iChat, or doing anything with the Parental Controls and Boot Camp (I use Parallels). But overall, I've been much more pleased with Leopard than I expected to.

Do you have any features to share? Please post them in the comments below.