How to change from Gnome to KDE in Ubuntu

Inorder to change your Ubuntu Desktop environment from Gnome to KDE: please follow the below steps.
  • Install KDE.

    sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop kde-core

    This requires about 360 MB of disk space. The installation will ask if you want Gnome (gdm) or KDE (kdm) as the default desktop.
  • Log out. This gets you out of the active Gnome desktop.
  • On the login page, click Options (bottom left corner).
  • Select the Sessions menu item.
  • Select KDE from the Sessions menu and use Change Session to accept it.
  • Log in using KDE.

    If you no longer need Gnome, you have the option to remove it by removing every Gnome package on the system.

     dpkg --get-selections '*gnome*' | awk '{print $1}' | \ 
    xargs sudo apt-get remove

Tip - Many Gnome applications only need the Gnome libraries to run. If you keep both desktops on the same system, then you can use many of the applications under the same desktop.