10 Reasons why i love GIMP Graphics Tool?

One of the best and the most widely used graphics tool for linux is GIMP , the GNU Image Manipulation Program. This GIMP is a full featured image editing program with many menus, tools and filters.


Below summarize my ten reason 'WHY I LOVE GIMP'.
  • Floating Menus (which you access by right-clicking an image window.
  • Graphics Layer (so that effects can be superimposed.
  • More than 100 plug-in filters and tools.
  • More than 20 editing tools.
  • Multiple image windows (for cutting and pasting graphics, or for multiple views of a file).
  • Multiple undo levels.
  • Scripting language to automate image processing or to create new filters.
  • More than six floating tools, brush, colors and pattern windows.
  • Support for importing and exporting of 24 graphics format.
  • Multi-Platform Support (GIMP runs in windows, linix and MAC).