Can AIR Appliations run in a Web Browser

Yes, You can test the AIR Applications in the web browser. AIR uses the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari, so that browser will provide the most accurate results (and it's available on both Mac OS X and Windows, as of version 3). Firefox, which also run on both platforms, should also work as well. Firefox has an additional benefit - its excellent Javascript debugging tools.

Although you could, theoretically, test your applications in Internet Explorer, I would advise against doing so for two reasons.

1) The Javascript may not behave the same in IE as it will in your AIR apps (this is a common Ajax Problem).

2) IE is a notoriously tricky browser that makes even Web development and testing much harder than it should be(in my opinion).


  Ramesh | The Geek Stuff

July 9, 2008 at 11:31 PM


I never really put my hands on AIR yet. That is something I'm itching to do when I get some breathing room. I'll definitely keep this tip about testing it on Web browser when I get around to do something on AIR.

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