Firefox 3 out of beta by summer

Mozilla released Firefox 3 beta 3 on (2/13/08) with 1,300 changes since beta 2. The Firefox 3 development process has been publicly ongoing since 2006, with beta 1 released in November 2007, and beta 2 in December 2007. A beta 4 has been announced for "some time in the next few weeks." No timeframe for full release has yet been set, with Developer Asa Dotzler stating that it will be released "When it's ready." There are still some outstanding issues with plug-in compatibility (Foxmarks, del.icio.us, Fotofox, FireFTP, and Yahoo! mail, among others). Will the bugs be worked out and will Mozilla officially release (non-beta) Firefox 3 by summer 2008.



May 15, 2008 at 7:53 PM

good pos..i am awaiting firefox 3